Salty Studio Launch Party!

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Thursday 18th April – the date was set, invite MailChimped and Facebooked and tied to a pigeon’s leg. The event that was over 3 years in the making (we never had a launch for our old studio!) finally came to fruition and a salty good time was had by all.

There was lightly salted beer –  a handcrafted brew by Dr Jonathon Carroll with pink salt added (his article about the making of it here), slider burgers, a popcorn machine and more salty food and booze than you could poke a prawn skewer at.

It turned out to be a highly successful night and was a great opportunity to catch up with clients we’re proud to call friends and friends we’re proud to call ‘hey you’.

Check out the time lapse from the first half of the night:

Studio Launch-lapse from Lightly Salted on Vimeo.

The first 2.5 hours of the 2013 Lightly Salted studio launch party, if you were there you enjoyed yummy sliders, lightly salted beer from the keg and a great atmosphere made up of a whole bunch of creative people.

Salt Monster Mural

Studio, Time Lapse, Update

We recently had Gary Seaman spend an afternoon at the studio painting a mural to add a bit of colour and humour! Check out the time lapse below, 4 hours compressed into 1 minute. We sent this to Gary and his response was “I wish I could always paint that fast” – not sure how well that would work on an hourly rate though!

Gary Seaman is a ridiculously talented Designer/Illustrator/Artist/All-round-nice-guy and you can find him at his Golden Silver Project website.

SaltMonster Time Lapse from Lightly Salted on Vimeo.

4 hours of Gary Seaman painting some funky mural art on our studio wall compressed into 1 minute.

Artist – I AM THIS
Track – King for a day
Album – adhDJ

Lightly Salted Studio nearing completion!

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After pushing our completion date further and further back (slightly optimistic planning!) we are in the final phase of studio renovations! We have the plasterers in this week, flushing the gyprock in the main studio space. Soon we’ll have our cyclorama wall built and painted and we’ll be ready to launch Adelaide’s latest boutique commercial photo studio – available for hire very soon!