Intelligent Sunglasses! Adelaide Advertising Photography

Digital Manipulation, Location Shoots

Heath at Montage Creative is on the same wavelength as me. When he rang a couple of months ago and briefed me on this job I knew exactly what he wanted and I’ll be honest, it made me a little bit excited. Had I known we would end up shooting all three of these images on location on the hottest day of the month (33 degrees Celsius) I probably wouldn’t have been quite as excited. Who am I kidding, of course I would have! These kinds of shoots are why I do what I do. The challenges, the planning, the challenges, the hours of sitting in front of the Mac (in air-conditioned comfort), the challenges, the energy and the odd challenge along the way make this kind of work absolutely riveting! Each of these images is made up of bits and pieces that were all shot on the day with the odd bit thrown in for some extra detail.

It’s always great working with excellent Art Direction but I take my hat off to the client (Drivewear) for entrusting Montage and Lightly Salted to deliver the goods on this concept.

Diamond rings – big bling – Adelaide jewellery photography

Digital Manipulation, Studio Shoots, Update

Jewellery is always challenging to photograph, whether it’s for a tiny web image or a printed catalogue/ad. And then you’re asked to create an image of 2 very valuable diamond rings large enough to ride on the back of a bus!

Shooting with 36 megapixels of resolution is a start but in order to create this 80 megapixel gigantor (that’s an 85cm print at 300dpi) we utilised a technique known as focus stacking as well as some very gentle interpolation.

2012 AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPAs)

Awards, Digital Manipulation, Studio Shoots

Another year down and 4 more images judged by the best in the Australian Photography industry. This year we picked up a couple of high scoring Bronzes as well as 2 Silver Awards. A Silver is awarded to an image deemed to be above the required standard for ‘professional practice’.

Suffice to say we’re chuffed! Below are the winning images and also a link to the Sea & Vines image on BestAds.

Wine glass forks; Agency - Showpony Advertising, Creative Director - Parris Mesidis, Art Director - Jonathan Pagano, Agency Producer - Amy Mansfield, Account manager - Matthew Basso

Sportsmed Building


Attack of Rundle Mallzilla!

Digital Manipulation, Location Shoots, Studio Shoots, Update

Rundle Mall Unique Magazine SS11

The fourth Magazine we’ve worked on with Algo Mas and Rundle Mall turned out to be the BIGGEST by far! Not only was it a whopping 64 pages but our models were positively massive! This was an instance where we were given an opportunity to pitch some concepts for the photography and thus Mallzilla was born. Inspired partly by the ‘miniature’ (Tilt/Shift) craze that’s been doing the rounds for the last couple of years and partly an inexplicable desire to be stuck to the Mac like glue for hours and hours on end, this concept became very close to my heart. This helpedĀ  maintain motivation during the mammoth 5-6 hour retouching/compositing stints for each of the 6 images!!

Not to be overlooked, the secondary shoot we did in the Botanic Gardens (Algo Mas’ concept) was also great fun – who doesn’t enjoy loitering in the park with a tonne of photographic equipment in the sweltering (Autumn!) sun? Seriously though the talent and crew were absolute stars and we captured some beautiful moments in this oasis in the city.

BMW 5 Series

Digital Manipulation, Location Shoots

Every now and then we are commissioned to create an image that is as much about illustration as it is photography. I’ve decided to include a screen shot showing the layers of the initial working phase creating this “intimidating” image of a BMW 5 Series. For the BMW aficionado’s out there, this is the old shape 5 series as the new shape headlights are more wimpy!!

In terms of production, this image spent approximately 4 times longer in Post Production/Retouching than it did being photographed. A key element to remember when doing this kind of work is to get good reference shots of the object you’re photographing, this makes it much easier to put the elements together in post.

Proper Australian Made

Digital Manipulation

Austral (Clothes Hoists and Mailboxes) have been a good client for quite a while now. Recently they threw up the challenge of creating stand-out images of their rotary hoists in the landscape. We wanted to push the Australian theme a little so all 3 locations are within an hour’s drive of Adelaide. We had photographed the products on a prior occasion and hence were faced with the task of compositing them into background images. We went for a hyper-real effect to make the hoists stand out from their environs, no use having them disappear into the complex backdrop now is there?!

Enjoy – and support Australian made.