New website launch – Pretty in pink!


We’ve been teasing for a while now but the time has finally arrived! Lightly Salted has leaped into the mobile age with our all new shiny pink portfolio site.

Special thanks goes to Jase Roberts for his branding efforts and convincing us to go pink! Since the rebrand last year we’ve been turning slightly fluoro and now have a bright pink Holga and a fluoro pink iPhone cradle.

Enough introduction, go check out the site, please be patient with image galleries, they take a few seconds to load the first time around! Feel free to check out the site on your iDevice’s too.

*NEW Lightly Salted Photography Website*

Designer Wine

Studio Shoots, Update

Living in a city that produces the worlds best wines (my limited opinion!) definitely has it’s perks. Not only do we get to drink earthy Shiraz and smooth, dry Sauv Blanc’s (our faves) but we are immersed in the creative world of wine label design. Some wineries take their branding very seriously and to them we salute and do our best to make their brand shine. Here are some recent images produced for some gorgeous brands – and kudos to the designer (Todd Engelsma) for essentially giving us free reign on these (and “forgetting” to pick up the bottles after the shoot!!).